61/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

With my fish-eye through the night. Geneva

Night life in my neighourhood is not really exciting, just the odd  car and passer-by. I took my tokina Fish eye to give a more interesting touch to the pic and just waited till some movement arose in the empty streets.

Canon 5dmark III, Tokina 10-17 mmm, fisheye at 14mm, 1/13 seconds aperture, f/4 ISO 6400

9/365 Challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

San Petersburgo-Kapella-3638.jpg

Waiting for the Requiem at the Kapella, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Before Mozart's Requiem at the Kapella (Saint Petersburg Court Chappel), the oldest activRussian professional musical institution. Playing with my fisheye lens, I like the way it makes a microcosmos out of every scene.

Technicalities: Canon 5dMarkIII, Tokina Fish Eye 10-17 mm @ 10mm, 1/100, F8, ISO 1250