68/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography


Shadows dressing architectural spaces

A pattern of shadows, under a glass fassade, pure magic in one of Madrid's main roads. We had a splendid end of summer light throught the day, perfect for photography. Thanks to my unknown model, a perfect match for my pattern.

My handy mini Lumix did an extremely good job. 

50mm, f/4,shutter speed 1/500 ISO 80



43/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography


Lights and Shadows... see hereunder for more details:

Study about lights and shadows. I wasn't in the mood for night outdoors photography, so there was no other solution than being creative at home. Daily objects can be transformed into highly interesting photography subjects. For this picture I used a zoom-in technique during 2.5 sec. exposure to give the impression of movement of the object itself and its shadows. Edited with Nik filters in Photoshop to give an ancient camera look and to add a bit more drama to it. Comments are welcomed!

Canon 5dMarkIII, Canon lense 24-105mm, from 24 to 105mm in one shot, f/13, ISO 100, speed: long exposure: 2.5 sec.