73/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Arganzuela Bridge by French Architect Dominique Perraud, built 2012

The burying underground of the highway that ran along the edges of the Manzanares river provided the opportunity to open up a new urban territory to the inhabitants of Madrid: the Manzanares Park. A series of bridges over the river allow passage from one side of the park to the other. Designed to link the neighborhoods on the right and left banks of the river, the Arganzuela Footbridge is the longest of all the bridges across the river.



Canon 5d Mark III, Lense: Canon Tilt & Shift 17 mm, ISO 100, 


33/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Geneva nights revisited

Hans Wildorf Bridge at night, Geneva, Switzerland. Back in Geneva I try to revisit places I have already pictured before, with a new eye. 

Named after Hans Wildorf, the founder of the watches brand Rolex, this bridge by Brodbeck and Roulet Architects was inaugurated in 2012 and is a great spot for photography

Canon 5dmarkIII, Canon 24-105mm

16/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Opening of the bridges, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Bridges opening in Saint Petersburg are a must see, locals and tourists alike love contemplating this daily event. I went with some Russian friends, rushing after a party, just on time to put my tripod and shoot :)

Canon 5dMarkIII, EF 24-105mm lenses, 50mm distance, long exposure (8 seconds!) f/8, ISO 100, on tripod. 

10/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Streets also come to life at night, strolling around Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg's night life, strolling around the city that never sleeps. Long exposure under the bridge, not far from Truda Square 

Technicalities: Working on tripod, Canon 5d mark III, Lense:Canon EF 24-105mm f4L IS, Exposure time:15 sec; ISO 100, f8