74/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography


CEVA rail link opened the doors for a day ... and children found a new playground to enjoy themselves

The CEVA project is the outcome of a joint venture involving the Canton of Geneva and SBB/CFF (Swiss Federal Railways). Construction work of the 16km CEVA rail link got underway in November 2011 and was expected to be completed in 2017. This week-end CEVA organized an open-house of some of the stations and tunnels. 

If you want to see more pictures of the same CEVA series go to the "Construction/ Industrial" page on this website


64/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

A night at the Victoria Hall

Today we had the great pleasure of listening to Russian classics by the St. Petersburg Philarmonic Orchestra. The public was totally thrilled. Me too ! 

The venue: The Victoria Hall was designed by the Geneva architect, John Camoletti, built between 1891-94. Its façade is characteristic of the French "Beaux-Arts" style, inspired by classical and renaissance architecture. A quite simply decorated foyer leaves concert-goers totally unprepared for the decorative extravagance of the auditorium in a neo-baroque style verging on the rococo.

Canon 5dmarkIII, Tokina Fish Eye Lense 10-17mm, Iso 2500, f/4,  1/13   light conditions were quite dfficult, and in the absence of tripod I had to adjust the other parameters, the result wasn't as sharp as I wished. 

57/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

A Mario Botta creation, Geneva

The Julius Bär bank in Geneva was designed by Mario Botta (b. 1943), an internationally renowned Swiss architect from Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. He is  known for using relatively inexpensive traditional materials, such as bricks, and simple geometric forms, like circles, squares and rectangles, in multiple combinations.  One of his best known works is the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco (1995).  

Taken with my little Lumix automatic and edited with PS

45/265 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Through the night...

Empty Geneva streets at night have a special mystery and quiteness. This picture was taken around midnight, I stopped for a little while in front of the Musée d Art et d'Histoire only interrupted by the occasional car or passer by. 

Canon 5DMarkIII, Canon Lense 24-105mm at 24mm, ISO 100, f/7.3, long exposure (13 sec), on tripod. 


44/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Night colors ....

A building I get to see everyday when I am in Geneva. It is specially  appealing at night with all the colors. I love the conceptual garden surrounding the premises, with artificial fog coming among the concept-trees every now and then. A brilliant design

Lenz & Staeheli Building, Amandolier, Geneva

Panorama out of two vertical pictures. Canon 5DmarkIII, Tilt &Shift Canon Lense 17mm, ISO 100, f/8, long exposure (15 secs)

40/ 365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Chantier Bellevue_BUREAU VAL 3-5367.jpg

Construction sites can be beautiful... in Bellevue-Geneva

Today an unexpected professional photo shooting on the shores of Lake Geneva, in a beautiful villa under construction in Bellevue. Construction sites can be also sexy. I was blessed with a beautiful end-of-sommer light. Loads of editing with photoshop for this picture due to the strong light difference inside and outside

Canon 5dmarkIII, Tilt & Shift Lense Canon 17mm, ISO 100, f/9, speed: 1/40, on tripod

38/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

bain bleu nocturne-5282.jpg

Pink! Saturday night lights

Le Bain Bleu, a new icon in Geneva's architecture, is a Spa designed by Swiss Architecture firm GM. Today looking totally pink, fairy tale like. As I was waiting the end of a series of long exposures (30 seconds each) I saw all party goers passing by straight to Les Voiles open air bar. Unfortunately I left my stilettos at home, so I wasn't able to enter the venue with my tennis shoes - dress code required!

Canon 5dMarkIII, Canon Lense Tilt & Shift 17mm, ISO 100, f/8, shutter speed: 30 seconds


36/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Geneva Night boats-5270.jpg

Night reflections...

This post is dedicated to my lovely niece who is celebrating today her 18th birthday.

My night search for a photogenic object was rewarded with this splendid reflections on Geneva's Marina or club Nautique as they call it over here.  It was again pitch dark, but long exposures make miracles :)

Canon 5dmarkIII, Canon Lense 24-105mm, ISO 100, F/8, shutter speed: 30 sec. on tripod

35/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Geneva tents-5259 JPG.jpg

Ephémère....Geneva, Switzerland

One hour before midnight looking for something worthwhile a photo shoot, I discovered this termporary constructions on the shores of Lake Léman, with people chilling out around the tents on this warm summer night. 

Canon d5markIII, Canon Lense 24-105mm, ISO 100, f/8, 10 seconds (very long exposure since, apart from the lights inside the tent it was pitch dark, as usual in Geneva), on tripode

34/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Jet d'eau 5252.jpg

Le Jet d'eau revisited, Geneva

Le jet d'eau, the Water fountain is one of Geneva's icons. Here pictured at night with very poor light conditions, trying to improvise a tripod with everything I had in my bag and taking care not to get wet at the same time.  

Canon 5dmarkIII, canon lense 24-105 mm f/6.3 speed 1/125 ISO 6400

33/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Geneva nights revisited

Hans Wildorf Bridge at night, Geneva, Switzerland. Back in Geneva I try to revisit places I have already pictured before, with a new eye. 

Named after Hans Wildorf, the founder of the watches brand Rolex, this bridge by Brodbeck and Roulet Architects was inaugurated in 2012 and is a great spot for photography

Canon 5dmarkIII, Canon 24-105mm

22/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Dreaming .... portrait of a teenager

Less than 12 hours in Geneva, coming from Russia I had the time to enjoy my family's company for dinner at Le Théàtre de l'Orangerie on the beautiful Parc de la Grange, Geneva, Switzerland.

Portrait of dreaming Andrea, 17 years old. 

Canon 5dMarkIII, Canon 24-105mm, ISO 2500, f/4 1/50. Light corrections on Lightroom, since the ambience light was redish, not so easy for portraits