40/ 365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Chantier Bellevue_BUREAU VAL 3-5367.jpg

Construction sites can be beautiful... in Bellevue-Geneva

Today an unexpected professional photo shooting on the shores of Lake Geneva, in a beautiful villa under construction in Bellevue. Construction sites can be also sexy. I was blessed with a beautiful end-of-sommer light. Loads of editing with photoshop for this picture due to the strong light difference inside and outside

Canon 5dmarkIII, Tilt & Shift Lense Canon 17mm, ISO 100, f/9, speed: 1/40, on tripod

28/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Little hands at the Science Museum

Abstract on an item at the Science Museum, one of the great London Museums on the Exhibition Road, my favourite Road in London. the two hands on the background belong to my great Spanish friends visiting the museum with me

Canon 5dmarkIII, Canon 24-105mm at 55mm, ISO 640, f/4, speed: 1/50

8/365 Challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

San Petersburgo-Vecherinka-_Sonia_3595.jpg

Portrait of a Russian lady,  Saint Petersburg, Russia

Trying myself at portraits at a party. In the picture Sonia, a Russian guest at my friend's "vecherinka" (or party, Russian style) I used a special lense for portraits, 85mm and a great aperture of 1.8 which allows for special effects and intimate portraits without beeing too close. 

Technicalities: Canon 5dMarkIII, Lenses: Canon 85mm, 1.8; ISO: 1000, speed: 1/100 sec. treatment of the texture with Photoshop, no flash