154/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Portrait of a Violinist

The art of portraiture. Catching a moment of beauty and perfecting it in post-production. For this particular portrait I choose a special filter to soften the skin which gives the picture a dreamlike appearance. 

Taken during a short interval at the concert by Geneva University Orchestra at the Eglise de Grand-Lany, Geneva with a special lense for portraits, Canon 85mm, f/1.8

112/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Photo shooting at Axelle Snakkers' vernissage, Geneva. Portrait of a visitor

Philippe enjoying one of the extraordinary aluminium paintings by Swiss-Belgian Artist Axelle Snakkers at the Gallery Espace_L in the Quartier des Bains, Geneva. I was in charge of a reportage about the vernissage. If you want to see more works: www.axellesnakkers.com or, even better, visit her in her studio!

Canon 5dmarkIII, Canon 85mm 1.8 f Lense

80/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Party time: Stéphane Ducret, Artist

Swiss Artist Stéphane Ducret at a party at the Manhattan Bar, Geneva. This has been a memorable party, best one in years,  with loads of champagne, good music and fun and friendly guests all dressed in 70's fashion. Amazing getting to know all these new folks. Thanks to Stéphan for daring being portraited by my mini Lumix.

Lumix Panasonic with flash, not the best gear for quality photos, but it was all I could press into my tiny bag.

27/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Playing at the Design Museum, London

Photographing babies is not an easy task! In the picture, Baby Alex, the son of my Russian-Lithuanian-British friend, playing at the designer museum, opened in 2016.

More to the museum: Designed byJohn Pawson and OMA, it is located at the former Commonwealth Institute building in Kensington. London, Uk. It has a great space with very interesting lines and a parabolic roof.

Gear: Canon 5dmarkIII, Lenses: Canon 24-105mm at 60mm 1/250 f/ 4, ISO 5000

Since I didn't have a flash I had to push up the ISO resulting in a quite granulous texture


22/365 challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

Dreaming .... portrait of a teenager

Less than 12 hours in Geneva, coming from Russia I had the time to enjoy my family's company for dinner at Le Théàtre de l'Orangerie on the beautiful Parc de la Grange, Geneva, Switzerland.

Portrait of dreaming Andrea, 17 years old. 

Canon 5dMarkIII, Canon 24-105mm, ISO 2500, f/4 1/50. Light corrections on Lightroom, since the ambience light was redish, not so easy for portraits  

8/365 Challenge by Carolina Negel _Architectural Photography

San Petersburgo-Vecherinka-_Sonia_3595.jpg

Portrait of a Russian lady,  Saint Petersburg, Russia

Trying myself at portraits at a party. In the picture Sonia, a Russian guest at my friend's "vecherinka" (or party, Russian style) I used a special lense for portraits, 85mm and a great aperture of 1.8 which allows for special effects and intimate portraits without beeing too close. 

Technicalities: Canon 5dMarkIII, Lenses: Canon 85mm, 1.8; ISO: 1000, speed: 1/100 sec. treatment of the texture with Photoshop, no flash